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SIN Beam – Lighter by Design

SIN Beam - Lighter by Design

Discover a lighter, more efficient steel beam

Our SIN Beam line is fully automated for corrugated metal fabrication. We produce custom-sized, corrugated web beams, built from steel coils and hot-rolled steel flanges.

The result is a lightweight steel member with increased load capacity. In fact, usage of the SIN Beam in various projects has seen an overall structural weight reduction of up to 30%.

With its lighter materials and robot-automated manufacturing, this product provides significant cost savings in materials for all types of steel construction projects – without any degradation in quality or strength.

It is the only structural steel beam of its kind in North America, and is revolutionizing the industry. Utilized throughout the world for over 40 years, SIN Beam is now available in North America – exclusively through Steelcon in partnership with Austrian-based Zeman.

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SIN Beam Technical Guide
Code Compliance Report
SIN Beam Sizes
Bending – Metric
Bending – Imperial
Bending Laterally Unsupported – Metric
Bending Laterally Unsupported – Imperial
Shear Capacity – Metric
Shear Capacity – Imperial
Axial – Metric
Axial – Imperial
Concentrated Load – Metric
Concentrated Load – Imperial
M Over D Ratio
Typical Connection Details